Tale of Three Triptychs: part 3 (finally!)

20150714_171614I had this great idea to write the tale of these paintings in the space of a couple of weeks but it has taken many months instead. As a painter and teacher my main forms of communication are speaking and making art and with that I tend to put off writing even though I wanted to share the stories behind these paintings.


In October 2015 I got a tax identification number for my business Truth Branch Art and in March 2016 I was able to officially open my Etsy shop selling hand painted slates and canvases. Starting this business has been a wonderful adventure! I have learned so much already and I have enjoyed sharing my art on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram. But I still held onto the idea that I would eventually get back to my blog. My intention is to tell these art stories more regularly but for me that means less words and more pictures!

Flowing Day Lilies
Flower Triptych was the inspiration for the third triptych

So the third triptych was inspired by the flower triptych I painted for my aunt. My friend loved the flowers and wanted me to paint trees instead. She also wanted me to paint three of the seasons (she hates winter!). The weather permitted me to paint this outdoors which was wonderful since it allowed me to work on all of the seasons at the same time. She also likes my more abstract style so I tried to capture the feeling of each season as well as the way it looks. The final product pleased me and my wonderful patron who now has a piece of art that reflects her personal taste and creative ideas!

Little did I know that this set of paintings would inspire another set of trees but wait that’s another story!

Here is the Three Season Tree Triptych from beginning to end. Enjoy!

The first layer of colors are applied in thin layers of acrylic using large brushes and gestural paint strokes.
Next steps.
More paint!
Changing up the colors and developing more value contrast midway through the painting.
almost finished!
The finished triptych hanging in its happy home!
Ta dah, my happy friend with her custom art! It makes a colorful statement every time you walk into her home! Making people happy with my art is what it is all about.

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