Bow-wow, Wow!

Or the not so secret life of pets!


Our pets are really not that complex. Feed me, entertain me, let me sleep where ever and we will be buds forever! But the relationships we develop with them are much more layered and in a way mysterious. Why do we bond so heavily with our animals? Why do we have them in the first place? I think it has something to do with our desire for unconditional love. Our pets do not care if we have a bad hair day or that we just had a fight with a close friend. As a  matter of fact they seem to be their most adoring and adorable selves when we are feeling low.


Animals look right through the fluff and seem to see our real selves.


When life begins to spin out of control our pets are there to greet us with a fresh dose of reality.


They enjoy the simple pleasures! Watching my dogs run at full speed seems to personify the word joy for me. When I began preparing paintings for my Etsy shop my dogs were my first inspiration.


And to me nothing defines hope better than my little Jeremy looking patiently out the window waiting for us to come home!


Our dogs are there to make us laugh!

Keep us company!
And show up at all the “right ” times!
But boy we miss them!
When they are gone!

So it’s no secret that we love our pets and the world is a better place because of them!

In memory of Bailey Ernst and Moira Sullivan!

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